After the Rain

When the rain died down today, I went off to one of my favorite spots, La Jolla Coves, to catch the sunset. I thought I'd try a long exposure on the water, but realize that it takes some practice and depending on the light, some neutral density filters!  I'm trying for one photo a day here but I fear I'll have to start digging through the archives as I have much Photography work to complete before Christmas!

It's Raining!

And for real this time.  I've been inside listening to great music and doing some much needed reading.   When the rain slowed down just a bit, I went out to our garden and snapped a few shots.  : )

Feeling Groovy

This was not an easy task.  I ran back and forth from the camera to the couch trying to get this framed just right, and it ended up being quite a workout!   I was inspired by a photo I have hanging in my house, by Natalie Young.

Rainy Day

We recently had some torrential downpours of rain here in San Diego, so I stayed inside and played with my camera.  I set it up outside of the sliding glass door, set the timer and quickly ran inside.    Not really.  I never was good at lying, except when it comes to just how much photoshop I do on my face...
Actually, the wet glass is a texture that I wanted to try out, so voila!    

The Eyes Have It!

This is my beautiful friend, Lara, who helped me out with my portrait project.    Her eyes took a big drink of the ocean before she turned around and captivated the sun...

Hiding From Myself

This self-portraiture assignment taught me just how terribly uncomfortable I am in front of the camera.  After seeing this and many of the images I shot, I made a pact with myself to come out from hiding and play!   I've got a remote, a tripod,  and lots of ideas, so I think you'll be seeing much more of me!  

My Own Worst Critic

And this time there were three!  This is my first attempt at multiplicity.   During the day I have two models to choose from; me and my dog.   All the dog treats were gone (Katy's modeling fee), and because I pretty much won't play guitar for anyone but myself, I figured this was my time to shine!