A Model Yogini


The woman who taught me yoga, Sherry!   With such poise and grace, she wears Moksha well!  This is from our Moksha Clothing shoot.

Bokeh Beauty


We were blessed with a beautiful day for our shoot at Balboa Park yesterday.    I love cheeky Norwegians!

Girl's Best Friend


Beautiful Lily and her constant companion, Boomer.    They were both so cooperative for this family shoot. : )


Well, at least that's what they call them in Australia, and he's certainly mine.   This is Phil in Coronado where the clouds were the star of the show yesterday.   Can you see the ring around the sun?


As I write this I realize that this is shot number 14 of my 365 day series, on the 14th of February, and so appropriately, my valentine.

P.S.  If you look closely, you can see a heart in the sky.   That's no photoshop, folks!  My eye's been going to it ever since I posted this.

Early Valentine


This is a photo from years ago...a shoot I did with hundreds of rose petals and a patient boyfriend.    Although my definition of love would look a bit different than this, this is a page out of a very old dictionary of mine. ❤



Beautiful friend, beautiful client, beautiful model, Lara.
The meaning of Moksha is liberation,  which isn't just the feeling I have when I wear the clothing she designs or what I feel during our shoots; it is also in the presence of freedom that such a supportive, accepting, respectful friendship provides...  : )

Nighttime Blossoms


As the evening came, the blossoms sprinkled the pond with Spring.
Balboa Park, San Diego