Today is the first day of Spring!   Well, yesterday was, anyway...now that I'm writing after midnight.
I had the urge to be amongst the flowers today so I got in my car and drove North to the Carlsbad Flower Fields.  Although this is not one of the millions of beautiful Ranunculous growing or being picked there, it is one of the many orchid plants green-housed there.  I added my own magic after being inspired by Kim Klassen and her texture work, so I've created something new...



My friend Ana and I had fun on this windy day with balloons.   I'd had a vision of a woman in red holding red balloons and finally I got to shoot it!  I worked with texture a little bit on the shot with Ana that helped to make the colors pop and add more contrast between her and the background...

Beauty and the Beach

Although many of my photos are of the ocean and the beach, my favorite photos to create are  those of people.  I love to capture the beauty inside each person in such a way that they might see something in themselves that may not have been so apparent before.   I had the pleasure of photographing this woman, Jo, for the second time and we had such a great time shooting.  I could see as I snapped away that there were many gorgeous photos, not just because we had the great light of the sun on this gorgeous beach, but because of Jo's ease in being herself...a gorgeous person from the inside out...

Walking on Water

I know I've been absent from my blog for awhile but I've returned!  I've been super inspired recently, learning new techniques and taking a little more time to connect with nature.

These shots are from yesterday where I spent the day in Coronado with my friend Chris who was visiting from Australia.   That's her in the above image.

After the storms early last week, there have been more tide pools and as cold as the water was, we couldn't help getting our feet wet while checking out all the sea creatures that love these shallow waters.