By the Sea and Through the Woods

We had an amazing time on the Central Coast last week in Carmel and Big Sur.   I took hundreds of photos and will post some more soon, but for now these are a few from one of our hikes at Point Lobos in Carmel.   We were alongside the ocean with redwoods, Juniper trees, and an abundance of flowers and birds.

I was fascinated with the trail of tree roots that created a natural staircase and kept us from slipping and sliding on the rough terrain...


I think everyone photographs one of these at some point in their life.   Welcome to my cliche shot!

The Silver Surfer

A cloudy day at the beach made for a great day of photography!


Beauty does not come from the face, it comes from the light of the heart.   This woman, Anis, is pure beauty!

In My Hood

Yesterday I went for a walk around my neighborhood with my camera and these are some of the things I saw...