Moonlight by Day

Moonlight Beach

Meet Jack.  I call him Jackie Boy.  The son of my dear friend Meaghan.  He doesn't sit still for a moment (not at two) but makes it so much more joyful being at the beach.  : )

Summer's Here

That suits me fine
It may rain today but I don't mind
It's my favorite time of the year
and I'm glad that it's here



I had the pleasure,once again, of working with Lara and Sarah for another Moksha Clothing Co. shoot.   The weather was perfect, the location (Windansea), impeccable, and the models?  Well...stunning!   We had so much fun it was hard to call it work.  Here's a few from the day...

The clothing is the most comfortable clothing I've ever worn and whether I'm doing yoga, lounging around, or even stepping out for a bite to eat, I wear it!  If you're interested, here's the website...

Dog Day at the Beach

It has been so bloody hot in San Diego...we've all been melting!   These photos were taken at the beautiful Coronado Dog Beach where we all got a little reprieve!