Haute Stuff!


This is the beautiful yogini, dancer, and human, Kenna.   Haute Yoga Studio will be hanging this and four others I made in their studio!   Yippee!   I get yoga out of it too!  I'm very happy!  : )

The Fragrance of Food


There are three things I love about cooking...the aroma of all the fresh herbs, the vibrant colors, and of course, the eating!   This was the beginning of the creamy vegetable soup I made that went alongside grilled salmon and sweet potatoes.  Yummo!

Swami's, How I Love Ya!


I took this shot two weeks ago at Swami's in Encinitas.   There were many of us standing around in awe of this spectacular sunset.   A surfer had just come out of the water and set her board down as we marveled in what we were witnessing.    I guess it's no surprise how the name of my blog came to me.   I'm drawn to the ocean daily and find it is one of my greatest inspirations.

The Reflection Spot

The next best place to be.  When they're not in flight, they're happy by the sea.


Still Waters


I'm beginning to realize the value of patience.    Sit with the rough waters for a while and eventually things calm down enough to see the clear reflection of what was always there.   This was one of many 75 second exposures...a long afternoon in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.  : )

Buddha in the Garden

He shares our yard with Kuan Yin, hummingbirds, bamboo, and lots of flowers and plants.  I thank my new Greek friend, Nasos, for the use of this texture, which brings out more of buddha's dimension and original texture.


I'm not a buddhist, but there's something about the presence of this very large head that brings us a sense of serenity and peace... : )

Lovely Weeds...

I'm starting today, nearly one month later than I had intended...the beginning of 365 days...

I will do nearly everything in my power to post a photo a day.  It keeps me inspired, keeps me growing as a photographer, and it keeps my eyes wide open.


This one is two photos, really, but I've decided to do "two for Tuesday"...kind of like KROQ used to do, for those of you who are closer to my age.    I spent a long time in the yard with my camera today and almost missed these little guys.    To some they might be weeds, but to me, they're little green hearts on a stem...