In Your Eyes

This weekend I practiced some natural lighting set-ups with my beautiful friend, Ana.  It's amazing how much light you can get through a window for amazing portraits.   This image completely captures Ana's of kindness and generosity.  Her eyes completely reflect her huge heart!   I had fun with my new 50mm too.  First time I've used it for portraits so I could get really close!

Bubble Gum Flowers

I'm currently in an on-line workshop with 40 women from all over the world learning more about Photography.   This shot is from a floral still life assignment we had last week.   I picked some flowers from our backyard, and found my favorite little green vase and simply used the light coming from the window.   I'm starting to see just how much I love color!

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

On the beach in Cardiff just before the sunset, this little girl and her Dad had no problem with me snapping their photo.  The kite caught my eye from across the street at Las Olas Restaurant and I had to run across the street to capture this it against the beautiful sky.