Christmas Time is Here!

They just can't help but sparkle!   I so love the colors of Christmas and love all the decorations around the house.  I'm looking forward to a great Christmas!

Zen Sunset

Life itself is not the reality.  We are the ones who put life into stones and pebbles.   ~Frederick Sommer

With the warmer weather we've been having the past few days there's been some gorgeous sunsets.    After I walked off some of Thanksgiving leftover carbs yesterday at the beach in Cardiff, I sat here near the road and watched these incredible gradations of color form as the sun went down.   Beautiful day!

Under the Blue Umbrella

I'm so grateful to my client here for being so openly expressive and free in our photo shoot and providing me such beauty to work with.  In this particular image I had a fun time experimenting with texture and making a different kind of portrait.

It's been so cold here for the past's hard to believe that just one week ago we were soaking up the heat of the sun...

Sunday Services

This is a photo from the archives and is certainly not representative of the cloudy, rainy weather here in San Diego today.   It is Sunday though, and this is what I imagine to be a perfect Sunday evening.   Sitting in the stillness of the ocean as dolphins and pelicans go by, and watching the sun set just before you catch your last wave in.   Sounds like heaven to me.

Thirty-Seven Days...

Until Christmas!!  I know it's early to be posting these kinds of photos, but this is one of my favs from last year.  I'm clearing out space on my drives for the many photos I've been taking and this one is a keeper for poinsettia after a good rain...

Free by the Sea

It was a first for me and a first for my beautiful client, Sarah.   The nudity was the easy part.  We had the "clothing optional" beach to ourselves, other than the surfers, dolphins, and seals that were all out in the water.   Well, there were a few passers-by, who were all smiles yet gave us our space to be free to create the beauty that we did.  The hard part was the long, steep hike down to Black's Beach, and more than that...the hike back up with equipment!  It was all worth it though.  It was an incredible morning and an incredible shoot!

My Mind's Eye

This isn't the way my camera saw this image, but this was somewhere in my mind and I thankfully found a way to put the picture inside of me to the screen.   As I write this, I wonder if it isn't what my heart sees?   I know that for me to post a photo here, I have to feel something about it so maybe it is my heart's eye?   I suspect it's a combo of the two, but in any case I often have a need to add or subtract from what comes from the camera.   It feels more true to who I am.  How could I not let my heart and mind have a part in all that I create and leave it all up to a camera?

My Heaven

This is image number 20,000 on my Canon 5D.  I read somewhere that once you've taken 10,000 shots, you've learned a lot!   I'm happy to say that I know I have learned, though at a somewhat slow pace.   I don't have one of the those brains that just soaks it up and I've had to take twice as many!

This beach in Cardiff-by-the-Sea is where I have had most of my client sessions, from yoga clothing to family shoots and its where I have created some of my favorite fine art images.

I'm so grateful for this place and consider it my sanctuary.    It's so peaceful and everyone here is always happy.  I'm grateful I lived right up the hill for a year and a half of my life and that I can drive out here any time.  Mostly I'm grateful that this place is truly what inspired me to pick up a DSLR and make photos that would give people the feeling of being here.  It's heaven to me...

A Wider View of the World

Today was my first day shooting with my new 10-20mm lens.   I've been admiring the work of landscape photographers who use these wider lenses and decided to put my Amazon rewards to good use.   Here's one of my firsts from today...a beautiful, but brisk afternoon in Cardiff-by-the-Sea.

Dia de los Muertos

I didn't have much time at Old Town to find the altars that appear in shops and seemingly hidden places throughout this little village, but I took a couple of shots.  Everywhere I went, people were having their faces painted like the skeletons that symbolize this Mexican Holiday.   If I hadn't had school that night I would have stayed to see the altars in their glorious candlelight and may have seen the procession.  Next year!

Pumpkin Art

Every Halloween, the monks (and a few others) at the Self Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, line parts of Highway 101 with their artfully carved pumpkins.   I was inspired and completely in awe of their work.  Here are just a few of many!


Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory. ~ Betty Smith

I have been running over to the beach every afternoon for the past few days trying to catch a sunset like this.  This kind that happens when the sky is just flirting with a storm but then suddenly the sun decides to steal the show by breaking through.   The colors are always amazing and no bad photo can be taken.     Well, the sun hasn't popped out these days... not at the ocean, anyway, so once again I went to the archives and voila!  I found what I was looking for.  Only now I see a purple heart in the sky and wonder how I missed it before...

Fall's Serenity

This is a photo I took last year at Dog beach, Coronado.   I've been revisiting some photos from the past as I go through my external hard drives to better organize my photos and I've been finding some shots that I absolutely love.   These colors feel fitting for this time of year.  Additionally, I've used a free texture by Jessica Drossin Textures called Sublime which really helps bring out some of the browns and add more contrast to this image.   Thanks, Jessica!


I took a look through one of my hard drives and found this image from last month.   It's in-your-face, under-the-petals revealing!  The shadow is there, but as the light gets in all its beauty is revealed.

Also, this is the month where we think pink!  Get your mammograms ladies!

The Autumn Leaves

I've been dreaming of going to Vermont, or even somewhere closer like Oregon to see (and photograph) the beautiful fall leaves in all their glorious color.    But here in San Diego there is this one tree...the only one I can recall whose leaves do change colors and it's pretty beautiful.  I look forward to the day I make it to a place where the trees are lined with red and golden trees, but for now these few gorgeous maples will do!

The Tide Keeper

It probably has something to do with my astrological sign, Cancer, but I have always had a fascination with the moon...which is why I chose to use it for my first composite in my current photography class.

I took a few things I love...the ocean, the moon, and this sari that I like to use as an oversized scarf, and I let my imagination conjure up this image.

I thank that man of mine, Phil, for his patience with me at the beach yesterday.   He had to be the stand-in while I set up my camera and worked to MacGyver a lighting scenario, hobbling back and forth with reflector in hand and camera set on the timer, until I felt I had something workable.  I also thank the bird on the water (for whom I created a mate), for being in the right place at the right time!


I've always wanted to photograph these little guys but now that I've cut them open, I'm wondering how to eat them.  Plain?  Cooked?


I've been resigned to photograph that which is near me as I'm forced to stay off of my feet while my knee heals.   This shot of my sunflowers reminded me of Italy so I had to call it by it's beautiful Italian name....Girasole.

Dahlia Trip

I finally took out my camera today after more than a week hiatus due to a bad knee sprain, and not being able to stand for more than a few seconds.   Phil brought me these dahlias and I couldn't resist setting up near the window with a stool to sit on, and my tripod.    I really miss photographing people, but flowers are right at the top of my list too.  : )

In Your Eyes

This weekend I practiced some natural lighting set-ups with my beautiful friend, Ana.  It's amazing how much light you can get through a window for amazing portraits.   This image completely captures Ana's of kindness and generosity.  Her eyes completely reflect her huge heart!   I had fun with my new 50mm too.  First time I've used it for portraits so I could get really close!

Bubble Gum Flowers

I'm currently in an on-line workshop with 40 women from all over the world learning more about Photography.   This shot is from a floral still life assignment we had last week.   I picked some flowers from our backyard, and found my favorite little green vase and simply used the light coming from the window.   I'm starting to see just how much I love color!

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

On the beach in Cardiff just before the sunset, this little girl and her Dad had no problem with me snapping their photo.  The kite caught my eye from across the street at Las Olas Restaurant and I had to run across the street to capture this it against the beautiful sky.

Moonlight by Day

Moonlight Beach

Meet Jack.  I call him Jackie Boy.  The son of my dear friend Meaghan.  He doesn't sit still for a moment (not at two) but makes it so much more joyful being at the beach.  : )

Summer's Here

That suits me fine
It may rain today but I don't mind
It's my favorite time of the year
and I'm glad that it's here



I had the pleasure,once again, of working with Lara and Sarah for another Moksha Clothing Co. shoot.   The weather was perfect, the location (Windansea), impeccable, and the models?  Well...stunning!   We had so much fun it was hard to call it work.  Here's a few from the day...

The clothing is the most comfortable clothing I've ever worn and whether I'm doing yoga, lounging around, or even stepping out for a bite to eat, I wear it!  If you're interested, here's the website...

Dog Day at the Beach

It has been so bloody hot in San Diego...we've all been melting!   These photos were taken at the beautiful Coronado Dog Beach where we all got a little reprieve!

By the Sea and Through the Woods

We had an amazing time on the Central Coast last week in Carmel and Big Sur.   I took hundreds of photos and will post some more soon, but for now these are a few from one of our hikes at Point Lobos in Carmel.   We were alongside the ocean with redwoods, Juniper trees, and an abundance of flowers and birds.

I was fascinated with the trail of tree roots that created a natural staircase and kept us from slipping and sliding on the rough terrain...


I think everyone photographs one of these at some point in their life.   Welcome to my cliche shot!