10 on 10: May

I love my iPhone.  Yep, I do.

It's hard to believe there once was a time when I couldn't go anywhere without my fancy-pants DSLR camera.  I didn't want to miss a thing and in fact, I wouldn't even go for a walk on the beach without it.  It was exhausting carrying around this heavy gear and I honestly hated being stopped and asked what I was shooting all the time.

I saw people using their iPhone cameras but it seemed it was for things like a photo of one's Starbuck's drink that morning or what they had for lunch.  When I met the Shutter Sisters at Oasis last year I was asked over and over again, "what's your handle on instagram?"   I realized I was way behind the times.  Not only was I not on instagram, but I never used my iPhone for taking photos.

I recently joined instagram and as I browsed through people's images I was blown away.   With all of the apps available, and various lenses you can attach to your phone, I learned that I can still give images my special touch.

These days when I go for my walks on the beach, I still always have a camera, but most of the time it's my little 8 megapixel iPhone and I love it.   I stay inconspicuous, even with my zoom lens, and I can even take photos of myself without anyone ever knowing!  Ha!

Here's ten iPhone images from a day in La Jolla.   On this day, May 10th, the clouds were breathtaking and changed drastically from morning to sunset.

Please take a look at Micah Hewett's 10 on 10 post for May here, and follow the links around to see the images from all the women in our 'ten on ten' circle.

Windansea Beach

Little girl at play at La Jolla Shores

Bowing to the great Ocean

Egrets dancing in the Pier's reflection

Close-Up on the Waves
La Jolla Shores

Scripps Pier
La Jolla Shores

A closer look inside the doorway to infinity

Before Sunset at Windansea
Seaweed Antlers

Sandcrab Art

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Tower 33

I was so enjoying the clouds above the ocean last week with a little bit of rain mixed in, but alas, they are gone and replaced with super intense heat!  Here's my texture Tuesday image with those fantastic clouds from last week, using Kim Klassen's magic film and magic film 2 textures.

You can see the color version here.   Have a great week!

The Scent of Lavender

Can you smell it?   I only recently learned that there were lavender fields within an hour's drive of my house.  I jumped at the chance to go and it was a visual treat.
It was the first weekend they opened so there wasn't yet tons of lavender, but I will go back.  My biggest treat was getting a 10 minute massage up above the fields, with a nice breeze wafting that scent of relaxing lavender up my way.  Heaven.

For the top image, I used Kim Klassen's Magic Film 3.  I'm partial to using black and white textures lately (for more of a film look) and this one really made the lavender POP!