One of my greatest teachers, Sherry Schreck, a phenomenal yogini, teacher, and human.  

Jackie by the Sea

I've been missing the ocean, my sister Jackie, and Kauai, where the rain passes quickly and the warmth of the sun is never too far away...

Quiet Contemplation

“That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.”
~Edgar Allen Poe

One of my favorite photos...

Lara helped me out with a shoot a while back, and though we took many staged shots, this is authentically, organically Lara....in all of her golden beauty; deep in thought.

The Most Kissable Snout

Softly Springing


With one more hour of daylight and just about a week to go, the softness of Spring is on it's way and my digital garden begins to blossom...

Color My World

I've been feeling a bit gray today and remembered this colorful time in Santa Cruz last May.

I had dropped my lens and broke it when we arrived and only had my lensbaby, but I think it worked really well in this setting.   Wishing you lots of color today!  : )

The Mushroom Caves

Today I went on a little photo adventure with my friend Jean. We ended up at the mushroom caves, a secret little spot in North County. We had to do some spiderman maneuvers to get up through the narrow openings between the rocks, but it was worth it!

On our way up!


Inside the cave...

Jean, way up high, on the "cutting" edge...

Random daisies...

Emerald Island


In the shady trees of the lagoon in Lihue.   Apparently I'm not ready to say goodbye to Kauai just yet.

Mahalo...Until We Meet Again...


This was our last sunset in Kauai, and we felt, the prettiest.   Every sunset I've ever seen is stunning, however, in Kauai it's hit or miss as to whether the rain will come.   On this night the only clouds in the sky were on the horizon.   Awe...



This is the airport town in Kauai where we stopped for shave ice and of course, photos!   I'm loving working with black and white especially when there are such beautiful clouds in the sky.

Postcard From the Sea

This is Jackie, who so graciously and gracefully posed for me so I'd have a shot for this required assignment in one of my classes.    

I'm way behind on my postings here but will be catching up with some shots from my week in Kauai.  What a magical, green, peaceful place to be...