10 on 10: September - Summer Treasure

On one of the final days of our beautiful Summer, I decided to photograph the shells I bought during my trip earlier this Summer to Carpenteria, California.

I got a lot of smiles from the passers-by on this beach in La Jolla, and managed to capture a great sunset too!

As I had my back turned to my bag of shells, the seagulls tore it apart and tried to run off with my treasure.  I turned around to see my bubble wrap was all over the beach and I was shocked!  I thought they only went for food.  They were so bold that this one was right below where I stood trying to snatch this dried out starfish even as I walked up to my towel!

I managed to get it back, as well as the one I found further down the beach in a seagull's mouth...  :)

I hope you all had a fabulous Summer!

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