10 on 10: August - Textures and Tintypes

This month I did something different for my 10 on 10 post.   I learned about making some unique textures from the amazing fine art photographer, Jennifer Hudson.

All it took was a National Geographic magazine (only those after the year 2000) and a bottle of the cleaning solvent, Citrasolve, from my local health food store.

The combination of the two, makes the ink run in strange ways, and when it sits for a bit, it ends up with a tintype effect.   When I heard Jennifer talk about doing this the other day, I had to give it a try.  Here are some of my results.

To me, some of these are art in themselves, and I found that once the Citrasolve had set (about 15-20 mins) each turn of the page was a big surprise!  In the end, I created these two images, blending a couple of these tintype textures with my own photography.   

I felt these images needed that special tintype frame vignetting, so I grabbed a couple of freebies from flickr.

Please check out the work of Kristina, the next photographer in our 10 on 10 circle.  This will lead you to the links of all those in our group.  Thanks for stopping by!