Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory. ~ Betty Smith

I have been running over to the beach every afternoon for the past few days trying to catch a sunset like this.  This kind that happens when the sky is just flirting with a storm but then suddenly the sun decides to steal the show by breaking through.   The colors are always amazing and no bad photo can be taken.     Well, the sun hasn't popped out these days... not at the ocean, anyway, so once again I went to the archives and voila!  I found what I was looking for.  Only now I see a purple heart in the sky and wonder how I missed it before...

Fall's Serenity

This is a photo I took last year at Dog beach, Coronado.   I've been revisiting some photos from the past as I go through my external hard drives to better organize my photos and I've been finding some shots that I absolutely love.   These colors feel fitting for this time of year.  Additionally, I've used a free texture by Jessica Drossin Textures called Sublime which really helps bring out some of the browns and add more contrast to this image.   Thanks, Jessica!


I took a look through one of my hard drives and found this image from last month.   It's in-your-face, under-the-petals revealing!  The shadow is there, but as the light gets in all its beauty is revealed.

Also, this is the month where we think pink!  Get your mammograms ladies!

The Autumn Leaves

I've been dreaming of going to Vermont, or even somewhere closer like Oregon to see (and photograph) the beautiful fall leaves in all their glorious color.    But here in San Diego there is this one tree...the only one I can recall whose leaves do change colors and it's pretty beautiful.  I look forward to the day I make it to a place where the trees are lined with red and golden trees, but for now these few gorgeous maples will do!

The Tide Keeper

It probably has something to do with my astrological sign, Cancer, but I have always had a fascination with the moon...which is why I chose to use it for my first composite in my current photography class.

I took a few things I love...the ocean, the moon, and this sari that I like to use as an oversized scarf, and I let my imagination conjure up this image.

I thank that man of mine, Phil, for his patience with me at the beach yesterday.   He had to be the stand-in while I set up my camera and worked to MacGyver a lighting scenario, hobbling back and forth with reflector in hand and camera set on the timer, until I felt I had something workable.  I also thank the bird on the water (for whom I created a mate), for being in the right place at the right time!