Looking Back and Moving Ahead!

I've been wanting to do a video of images from the past year (with music) but time does not allow for it at the moment.  The year was a nice one for me, 2011, filled with new experiences while tapping into new genres.   Here are some of my personal favorites from last year.

I was approached by Getty Images to license my images, and they continue to ask for more at a speed that I am not capable of getting to right now.  It takes model releases and in some cases, editing of logos, etc., and at this time, I am working to finish the jobs that I have in progress.

I found that I love creating art, and do so from shooting a fig split in half, to photographing a beautiful pregnant belly.   Though straight out of the camera work can be so beautiful, for me often times it just feels incomplete.  Sometimes I can convey what I feel from the image with no post processing and other times it needs something that the camera simply can't create.

Photography is still new to me...I can say that I've been doing it professionally for a year and a half, and my biggest success comes in not saying no when I'm afraid, and in really listening to my heart.  I've learned not to spend too much time thinking about whether anyone likes what I've created (except for my client, of course).  My success is in knowing that a finished image resonates with me...as it is my name on it.   I do my best not to post a photo that I can't look at and feel a little warmth or extra beat in my heart.  It has been such a great feeling to know that those who enjoy my work probably share a lot of what I feel inside.

I have been so inspired by the many artists I've been exposed to through the year.  Far too many to name here.  They all move me for different reasons.  I love Erik Almas for his romantic composites, and will always love Miss Aniela for being one of the first photographers who caught my eye on flickr with her painterly, colorful, multiplicity images.  I love watching the evolution of her work into fashion, but her incredibly deep work taking place out in nature takes my breath away.  I'm grateful for Christina Greve of Divas and Dreams for inspiring me with her incredible portraits, but also for inspiring me with her generosity and giving spirit.  She reminds me that you must always give, for without giving, there is no receiving; there simply couldn't be.

One thing I've learned too, is that we need community as Photographers.  We can't do it alone...it would be so lonely and so much less gratifying.   I love the community of photographer friends I am a part of and the way we share with, inspire, and support each other.  I've learned so much from all of you and I'm forever grateful.  May the circle keep expanding!

I have found that time is a precious commodity as a Photographer. I work hard to split my time between photo shoots for clients (which I absolutely love!), being out photographing nature, or creating something that I've sketched on paper or in my mind, and studying...learning how to create something that I've been dreaming of...

Without stating what my goals as a photographer are for 2012, I hope to show you, through my flickr stream, on my FB fan page, and here, as I continue to explore new avenues and tap into my soul on a deeper level to express what's there.  I can only say that I plan to use my time wisely, and to share a lot!  I'm looking forward to seeing how it all unfolds!

I wish you all a blessed, creativity-filled New Year!


Kathleen said...

More than an amazing year looking at the collage of photos. It includes many of my favorites too! Thank you for writing and posting your photos. Beautiful and inspiring and full of love.

Kim Bajorek said...

Awww...thanks, Kathleen....Love you!

Laurel said...

I think you are simply amazing.... wishing you continued creativity in 2012! ...Always awaiting the next special image from you! xo

Kim Bajorek said...

Thank you, Laurel! I think you're amazing too! Looking forward to sharing many more images with you! xxox