The Time of My Life

I had a big Birthday this year and chose to give myself a gift I would remember forever.  I went to a very intimate gathering of women in a Photography workshop with Joyce Tenneson, one of my very favorite photographers, and in fact, the first photographer who showed me how visible the soul could be in a photo.
Joyce Tenneson Photography

I spent six days with six women and Joyce; meditating, sharing fears, and peeling the onion, so to speak, in order to get to those great creative juices we all have inside of us.  Even though it was a month ago now, the lessons I learned are still unraveling to this day and I know they will continue for a long time to come.  Joyce was extremely generous in sharing what she has learned through the years so that perhaps our lessons wouldn't be as severe.  

We met many of her artist friends who all shared their secrets as generously.  Though we may not have thought so at first, we were vulnerable, creative, artists... making beautiful images to share with one of our icons, Joyce Tenneson, in this beautiful town in Maine.

Perhaps the greatest creation of the entire week was our community.   We all shared a house...four women from Norway, and two of us from the U.S., and never once was there a moment of tension.  We were there to support and be supported and we were just that.  We shared our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, our vulnerabilities, our tears, our art, our gear, our ears and our hearts and we created a circle of strong, supportive, creative women who I have no doubt will continue to grow together and uplift each other through the years.  We were and are blessed.

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Trini said...

I am so grateful that you wanted to spend your birthday gift to yourself together with us. You write so nice about something tender and loving as our group of fabulous women. I miss you so much, I would love to see you again soon. Walk in grace - beautiful Kim. Beautiful inside AND outside. I am blessed to have met you. <3 <3 <3