Happy New Year!

It's day two of the new year and I'm so happy to have a clean slate to start anew.
I'm often asked what is my 'word' for the year, and the word that comes to me is 'magic'.  That was the first word anyway.   I plan to create many images using the magic of photoshop and my imagination.  I  plan to bring magic into my relationships and in every aspect of my life.   And where I didn't believe things could happen, magic will make them happen.  One word wasn't enough for me though so I added all the words that I felt were important to me in this new year.   What's your word?  Feel free to use this if you'd like!

To a peaceful, prodcutive, creativity-filled New Year!  Cheers!


Diana said...

Love your photography and blog. Met at Beyond Beyond.

Kim Bajorek said...

Thank you, Diana!