The Scent of Lavender

Can you smell it?   I only recently learned that there were lavender fields within an hour's drive of my house.  I jumped at the chance to go and it was a visual treat.
It was the first weekend they opened so there wasn't yet tons of lavender, but I will go back.  My biggest treat was getting a 10 minute massage up above the fields, with a nice breeze wafting that scent of relaxing lavender up my way.  Heaven.

For the top image, I used Kim Klassen's Magic Film 3.  I'm partial to using black and white textures lately (for more of a film look) and this one really made the lavender POP!


Kelly said...

i love lavender...these are so pretty

Barbara said...

Such beauty and smell in this little flower.

Dotti said...

Such a subtle change ... but so pretty! And, yes, I love lavendar, too. We have a little bit in our garden but nothing like a whole field of it. It must smell heavenly.

EarlK said...

Beautiful. You are very lucky to have fields of them so close to you.