10 on 10: That Time of Year!

This past month has been the busiest for me ever as a photographer here in San Diego.  Much of it has to do with Christmas -- creating family portraits, and a lot of it I suppose is just by chance.   The variety of work I've taken on -- from pregnancy and newborn to glamour-style portraits and gorgeous children; I have had my hands full, but gratefully so.

I chose 10 images from a few of my sessions to share here in the 10 on 10 circle for the month of December.

It was such a heart-melting joy to photograph newborn twins.   They were so good!  They let me pose them however I wanted without crying and the parents were so trusting!  Bless their hearts, they also have a 20-month old girl who I also photographed as a newborn, so they were more relaxed this time around.

And on the theme of babies, I photographed one of my best friends and her hubby-to-be in her seventh month of pregnancy.   The love and joy between them and this new life that will soon be in the world brought tears to my eyes!

There is a family from Mexico who hires me to photograph them when they come out about three times a year.  It started with a maternity shoot of the Mom, and now the little girl is 20 months old.   It's always a challenge to get the shots you want with children this young, but I shoot a lot to ensure I'll get something!   Here are just a couple of the images I loved of mother and daughter.

I look forward to watching little Maria grow up and enjoy the opportunity to witness it through my lens.

Another fun family shoot was with what I call the Holiday children.   The five year-old twin boys were born on Christmas Day, and their four year-old Sister was born on the 4th of July.   These few shots are a select few of this beautiful and loving family.

And finally, after seeing some shots I had posted on my facebook page from these sand dunes in Yuma, Arizona--this client asked if we could trek the 2 1/2 hour drive for a photo shoot.    The weather was perfect, though I suspect that most days of the year are perfect in this area.   I was grateful for my assistant, Kathleen, who helped with light and reflectors, as well as wardrobe changes, as there were a lot!   Thankfully, we did a good job of dodging the dune buggies!

We stuck to jewel-toned colors, which was perfect for this stunning norwegian blonde.  I haven't yet edited all these photos but here are just a couple.

Please follow the 10 on 10 circle by viewing the work of Eva !  Happy Holidays, everyone!  May your days be filled with color and light!

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